A Summary Of Nutrisystem Flex Meals – A Sample Menu

A Summary Of Nutrisystem Flex Meals - A Sample Menu

I’ve been acquiring a wide range of questions on the Nutrisystem flex foods. There’s a lot to like concerning this application since it enables you to choose two times off every week.And, It is about $one hundred cheaper as opposed to typical women’s application. But, there is some misconceptions with regard to the foods which I am going to deal with in the subsequent post.

The Food Seriously Isn’t Any Distinct. You are Just Having Fewer Of It: There won’t be any “Exclusive foods” to the Nutrisystem flex program. But, you’re receiving adequate foods to eat 5 times a day for 20 times rather than for 28 days. So, after they ship your buy, considerably less food stuff is going to be during the box because you are getting eight days off every month. But, the possibilities for breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, and desserts continue being exactly the same. You can nevertheless chose any foods you like from the menu. You can expect to just be choosing for twenty times rather then for 28. I’ll go over a sampling from the foods underneath.

Sample Nutrisystem Flex Menu: If you buy any Nutrisystem package deal, you are specified the selection to go with a sampling of the most popular merchandise (“purchase favorites”) or you’ll be able to hand decide your own private (“chose your menu”) Underneath are merchandise from the order favorites. But, all the lots of foods alternatives is on the market if you need to hand select your foods. There is no more Expense for this. The base price of the two of such is about $234 (and that’s right before coupons, specials, or incentives, which ordinarily provide this down much more.)

Breakfast Menu Sample:

apple scone

blueberry muffin

granola bar (chocolate chip is often incorporated)

cereal (normally incorporated is granola, Nutricinnamon Squares (like Life cereal), Nutriflakes (like frosted or corn flakes), and NutriCrunch (like captain crunch but much less sweet), and

scrambled eggs (veggie and cheddar).

Sample Lunch Menu

soups (case in point beans and ham, minestrone, pasta with beef)

fettuccine alfredo

cheese tortellini (very good)

chicken salad

cheesy potatoes

chocolate peanut butter or fudge bar (also Great)

Dinner Sample Menu:

raviolis (spinach and meat or tomato basil (a couple of of my favorites)

macaroni and cheese


pizza (flat bread or thick crust both are very good, but I actually favor the flat bread)

two varieties of lasagna (1 vegetable alternative)

hen Parmesan

pot roast

Dessert And Snack Choices:

dessert bars: (chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate crunch, chocolate caramel all pretty good)

cookies (peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, macadamia nut, chocolate chip, white chocolate, almond)



As you may see, there are numerous very good choices below, but once again, this is the preferred choice package deal. There are a few truly superior decisions overlooked right here (similar to the tacos, the bisotti, the lemon squares, the chocolate pound cake, and many others.) Mainly, inside the favorites offer that you providing you with what a lot of people like the top, but you are not bound to these. As I stated before, you are able to hand chose your foods employing “chose your menu” if you prefer which gives you the choice to only obtain the foods that you like inside the flavors that you favor.

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