80s Fancy Gown – Robert Palmer Women, Smokin’ Incredibly Hot With The 80s Smash Hit, Quot;Only Irrisistable Quot;!

80s Fancy Gown - Robert Palmer Women, Smokin' Incredibly Hot With The 80s Smash Hit,  Quot;Only Irrisistable Quot;!

Both you and your girlfriends could make an exceptionally attractive entrance using this type of glance from the awesome movie through the 80s era. The Robert Palmer Women had been infamous because of two of Robert Palmer’s strike singles, “Addicted to Like” and “Merely Irresistible”. Notably, the make up is quite stark, and it might also make a fascinating costume strategy for Halloween.

So the particular Palmer Women costume itself is very simple, and you may wear it being a singular particular person, or as a gaggle of women.

All you may need is:

Slinky, black, mini dress

Orange satin sash fitted across the waistline like a belt (Or merely an orange belt)

Black stockings

Black heals / pumps

For your hair, comb by way of a gel form of item, and take care of inside of a bun, lower, on the nape in the neck. Ensure you comb your fringe back again into your bun.

Now, we must work on the make up. You will require:

Smokey coloured eye shadow rubbed again through the eye lid out. Use to the decrease lid, and go away close to the eye With all the lighter colors. If not, the dim shadow can make your eyes seem like they’re also shut collectively.

Light coloured eye shadow with white tones with the eye brow ridge, and within eye

Smokey / Black eye liner, to be rubbed beneath the eye lid, and utilized as being a thick line on the top lid

Eye brow pencil or tinted eye brows, groomed

Glossy crimson lipstick

Pink blush broadly applied along cheek bone and up to eye.

To view Picture’s for ideas, consider this page on my 80s Fashion Fancy Costume Web page.

Bonus Details

Reward points When you have a smokin’ very hot Mind set!

Double Reward Factors for obtaining a a incredibly hot dude to rock up to your occasion as Robert Palmer, in good fit.

Be a real hit, and cue the Robert Palmer songs on entrance, and do the in sync dance actions!

The Robert Palmer Girls impression was also portrayed in Ally McBeal, Together with the character Billy, selecting his personal crew of “Palmer Women” to impress a client on a person episode.

Shania Twain parodied the Palmer Women, by acquiring men turn out to be the pretty history to her 2021 strike one, “Person, I Sense Like a girl!”

RIP Robert Palmer.

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